Freedom is painful for developmental disabilities.発達障害は自由が苦痛

daily life for ASD

They freeze up when told, “You’re free to do.”

This is the story of my daughter and eldest son.

The two are unable to do free play.

Example 1) You are given a drawing paper and you can write freely.

⇒・・・・・・・ Icchi→Stay still for a while and write a small circle or squair in the corner.

Nicchi→Use only one color. Specifically, it is like this ↓.

The title was “Sea” in the first grade.

In the second grade, it was “Sky” with almost the same picture.

The only thing you have to buy is always blue.

Example 2: You are given a piece of clay and you are free to make it.

Example 3: Book report for summer vacation

⇒・・・・・・・It’s been 10 hours and she couldn’t write a single letter.

In the end, she cried and wrote, “I can’t write because I have a developmental disorder. this is a story about a third grader.(9-year-old)

As a parent, I don’t care their work is good or bad.

I want them to be able to output little by little.

Sometimes he doodles or makes crafts with origami as if he has an idea.

I try to praise them without fail, but they do not improve.

It seems that praise is not enough.

In these situations, I need to observe.

I observed what was going on in their world.

(1) Unable to see the future, unsure of the flow

(2) Unable to forgive things that cannot be done, demanding perfection

(3) When they try a little and fail, they feel as if they are totally rejected by the people around them

(4) It is easier to do what you can already do

In other words.

If the flow is easy to understand visually, the task is concrete, and it fits within what you can do now

Maybe they can do it.

1) One-line Diary 

Write one sentence about what happened today and how I felt in a dedicated notebook.

→Even that seemed to be painful and only lasted for a few days.

The process I go through when writing is

ⒶWrite down everything that pops into my head in bullet points on a notepad

→ⒷI put everything out of my mind anyway.

→ⒸMake sentences by connecting them together in a word document, etc.

→ⒹThink about the beginning and end of the story

→ⒺRead the whole story and revise the details.

I think this is the best way to do it.

If it’s so hard to get it down on “paper,” out of your head.

I wonder if I should practice speaking my thoughts orally first.

That’s what I’ve been thinking.

Every day after I come home

“What happened at school today?” I asked them.

Sometimes they say things like, “The mackerel at school lunch was delicious.

In such a case

Mom takes notes of what they says and

She take notes of what they says and expand the conversation.

Well, I’m doing a lot of things.

I am doing a lot of things, but “working on something” and “expressing” are not going well.

I still need more practice.

I still need more practice.